Monday, April 23, 2012

Muriel Spark Reading Week, April 23-29

Well, Muriel Spark Reading Week (hosted by Simon and Harriet) is here--it feels like it just crept up on us! I have three possibilities: Territorial Rights, which is one of her lesser-known books but set in Venice (!); Aiding and Abetting, which I found in a used bookstore around the corner from my apartment; and Loitering With Intent, which also looks interesting. I don't think I'll read all three, but I like having options! I've actually cheated a bit and gotten a head start with Territorial Rights. First sentence:

The bureau clerk was telephoning the the Pensione Sofia while Robert Leaver watched the water-traffic at the ferry and the off-season visitors arriving in Venice.

If you're participating this week, what are you reading?

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