Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Sunday Salon

I can’t believe it’s already March—so much has been going on and I’ve been so busy lately! I’m still taking two courses on top of work, so I’ve been spending my evenings and weekends doing coursework—my classes “meet” online on Tuesdays and Wednesday and then I usually have several hours of work on top of that.

Although I’ve been so busy, I’ve still been reading a lot—I’m currently reading another Virago Modern Classic, The Weather in the Streets (Rosamond Lehmann), which is a sequel of sorts to Invitation to the Waltz. February was a busy reading month; in 29 days I finished ten books. I haven’t had that much time for blogging, but I’ve been writing and posting reviews, which should appear here over the next few weeks. In April I’ll be participating in Muriel Spark Reading Week and I’ve got three choices: Aiding and Abetting, Loitering With Intent, and a lesser-known one: Territorial Rights, set in Venice, which might just be perfect.

Like I imagine a lot of you, since the end of season 2 of Downton Abbey, I’ve been in Downton Abbey withdrawal. In lieu of it, I’ve been watching Lark Rise to Candleford, a series based on a novel/memoir about a young girl who goes to work in the post office of a small (to us) English village in the late 19th century. One of the stars of the miniseries is Brendan Coyle, who played Mr Bates in Downton Abbey, so if you’re looking for a temporary fix to Downton, Lark rise to Candleford might just be the perfect fix. Also on my Netflix instant queue is, of course, the first season of Upstairs, Downstairs (why oh why don’t they have every season on instant?), so I’ve been rewatching that as well.

How has your year been going so far?

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