Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Sunday Salon

Another Sunday again! I’ve been spending my weekend a number of ways: yesterday my sister came down to Philly from New York, so I met her and a few of her friends for some shopping at Anthropologie and brunch, and then more shopping on Pine Street, where there are a few consignment shops where you can get designer fashion for really, really cheap! That’s how I found a fantastic camel-colored DKNY coat for $55! I love finding hidden gems like that, don’t you?

Today I am back at the grindstone, as I had several assignments to revise for class that are due tomorrow. Friday is the last day of class, so I have a break for a bit before the spring. I’ve finished everything but my final paper, which I haven’t gotten back from the instructor yet; thank goodness she gave us an extension for revisions on that!

I am always surprised at this time of year how close Christmas is. Only a little over 3 weeks away! I am never very good at shopping for Christmas gifts, because I’m very, very bad at figuring out what people want or need. I am not a theory of mind person! I also don’t like crowded, noisy stores (they usually have the music blasting, making the shopping experience doubly irritating to my sensory issues, and doubly unpleasant), so I usually end up frustrated and panicky when I go shopping. So, basically my worst nightmare realized. As you can tell, I haven't had much time for reading, but maybe once the semester is over, I'll have more time for it. I'm currently reading a VMC: Catherine Carswell's The Camomile, which is only about 300 pages and would normally only take a day or two to read, but I've been reading this for over a week and have only gotten through about 100 pages so far!

Have a great Sunday!

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thecubiclerebel said...

Hmm, I have a bookmark with that opening quote on it. Since 1998.


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