Friday, May 20, 2011

Review: The Mirage, by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

Pages: 500

Original date of publication: 1999

My edition: 2009 (Sphere)

Why I decided to read: I’m reading through the Morland Dynasty series

How I acquired my copy: Amazon UK, July 2010

#22: Covers 1870-1874

The Mirage continues the story of the Morland family, but it focuses on the next generation. Benedict Morland dies of a fever in Egypt, and his son, George, remains at Morland Place to carry on the family name. He marries Alfreda Turlingham, an older woman with skeletons in her closet and a profligate brother. George’s sister, Henrietta is rushed into a marriage with a much older man; and Charlotte’s daughter Venetia begins her quest to become a doctor, despite the fact that all of society is opposed to it.

This is another very strong installment to the series, although the history of the era takes a backseat to what’s going on within the family circle. There’s the usual quota of shady characters in this book (what Morland Dynasty book would be complete without one?), but I found Venetia’s story much more gripping. What’s wonderful about this series is how Cynthia Harrod-Eagles manages to interweave the history of the period with the stories of the family, creating compelling, interesting characters as she does so. Venetia is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters of the series, especially of this generation.

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Teresa said...

Venetia is one of my favorite characters, too. And the series has slowed down enough that she may very well be around to the end of it.


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