Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Sunday Salon

Happy Sunday! This has been a huge week for me, as I finally moved into my new apartment! It’s not completely done yet—there are a few small details that need to be ironed out—and, since my tub was reglazed, I couldn’t use my shower for a day or so—but now everything is running pretty smoothly.

Last night I went to my company’s annual holiday party and had a great time. I think sometimes at work we spend too much time focused on work that it’s nice to see people outside of that setting. Plus, since the company I work for is so large and has so many offices that it’s nice to see the whole company come together for it.

This whole weekend has been a whirlwind, actually; my parents were here on Friday and yesterday, and then today my dad was in town to get my TV set up (still not completely set up, but that’s a complicated story. At least I have a working internet connection now). Now I’m hanging out at home, watching Lost on DVD on my TV. I haven’t actually done that much reading this week; I’ve been getting used to my new routine. But I’m currently reading Devoted Ladies, by Molly Keane (kind of limping through it, actually, since my attention has been diverted).

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Amanda said...

Congrats on the place! I too was addicted to Lost when I found I could catch up on the last two seasons on Netflix. Still pondering if I liked how it ended.


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