Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Review: Wait for What Will Come, by Barbara Michaels

Wait For What Will Come was a quick read, and a novel much in the vein of Mary Stewart. Carla Tregellas, a young American schoolteacher, inherits an old house on the Cornwall coast from a distant cousin. Upon arriving in Cornwall (in the midst of a storm, no less), Carla discovers the legend of a young woman who disappeared, nearly 200 years previously, in the arms of her so-called lover from the sea. In the present day, Carla finds a surplus of handsome, eligible men, including a handsome lawyer, a mild-mannered country doctor, and an artistic, temperamental type.

The story itself is a bit campy and over the top, but I love Gothic stories, so I wasn’t bothered by all that too much. There’s something about old houses that really captures the imagination, isn’t there? And the author infuses the novel with enough humor so that the tension of the plot is relieved somewhat.

The novel is admittedly a bit dated—references to the feminist movement and 1970s music abound. Still, there were some aspects of this novel that were downright creepy—definitely don’t read this book at night before going to bed! I was engrossed enough in this book that I managed to finish it in fewer than two days, reading comfortably in bed for nearly a whole Saturday and Sunday. Undoubtedly, this was an enjoyable read.

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nbbaker1102 said...

This one sounds like fun. Is there a love triangle?? Or square??


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