Thursday, May 15, 2008

Review: Love @ First Site, by Jane Moore

This was an immensely satisfying read, a breath of fresh air after the trite novels which usually characterize the chick lit category. I prefer the chick lit writers from Britain because their wit is dry and they can take any situation and take a look at it in perspective. The heroines of British chick lit also seem less shallow than the heroines of American chick lit. As a result, the characters are fresher and the subject is more appealing.

This book features the dating adventures of Jess Monroe, a woman who, at 34, seems happy in her single life in London. But secretly, she envies her sister, who has a perfect marriage and two children. This book takes a good, long look at the 21st-century way of dating- pulling it apart, sometimes exhibiting its merits- but always looking at it in perspective.

On her 34th birthday, Jess gets a card from a friend she detests- the friend has signed her up for a dating service, something which Jess has never even considered trying. At first, she is dead set against online dating- think of the dangers. But after receiving 48 e-mails from potential suitors, how can she resist? And some of them sound pretty decent. Alas, nothing is ever as it seems; some of the men who contact her have buffed out their profiles considerable to make themselves seem more attractive.

Those 48 e-mails are quickly reduced to 12 men, and Jess sets up dates with several. The first is Simon, a guy who seems perfect for her. But after what seems like a wonderful date, he ditches Jess, leaving her to pay the bill herself. Her friends ostensibly think that he's married and is simply a player. Nevertheless, Jess keeps on trudging along Following suit are dates with a vegetarian, and a man who somewhat resembles a Yeti, as well as countless others. Will Jess ever find The One? Will an online dating service help solve her dating problems? Or will it merely serve to confuse them?

Summa, with a dry wit, this book was extremely funny (take, for example, the scene at the beginning of the book- aka, the date with the Yeti). Sure, its not high-class literature; but what else can you expect from a chick lit novel? This is a highly readable book, not just for those who have put their toe into the proverbial online dating pool (or considered it; because honestly, how many single people are out there who haven't?), but for those who want a good summer read.

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