Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Review: Because She Can, by Bridie Clark

I'm on the fence about whether or not I like this book. Claire Truman is a rising young editor at a major publishing house with a wonderful boss and mentor. When Jackson decides to leave, Claire leaves and becomes an editor at Grant Books, under the infamously awful Vivian Grant, known for terrorizing her employees. Claire is a hard worker, but she always gets torn down in front of her colleagues for no apparent reason.
I didn't know whether to like this book or dismiss it as another peice of "I hate my boss" chick lit. Vivian seems like a caricature at times, and Randall, Claire's boyfriend, seems almost too perfect. I mean, he's a good looking, kind, and thoughtful investment banker, what's not to love? Seriously, I was rolling my eyes. Also, I thought it was completely unrealistic that someone living on Claire's salary lives on Christopher Street in the West Village. Although the book escapes other cliches (the crazy mother, the gay boyfriend), Claire comes off as trying to make herself into more of a martyr than she really is. Also, I thought she was kind of whiny at times. And the ending was predictable, to say the least.

So there are a few redeeming qualities about this book, but I think it wouldn't have been published if not for the antics of former publisher Judith Regan.
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